Green Party MWRD Candidates Get 11.3%

In the 2014 General Election the three Green Party MWRD candidates received 11.3% of the all the votes cast for MWRD candidates. This continues the trend of the Green Party MWRD candidates getting very respectable percentage results in this large district in which 2,880,820 votes were cast. Many voters are ready to give the Green Party the chance to see what we can do to improve the environmental and fiscal responsibility of the MWRD.

We thank all of those who put their trust in the Green Party. We pledge to continue to provide qualified and responsible candidates to put forward the Green Party program for the MWRD.

We thank all the volunteers who promoted the Green Party campaign for the MWRD. We thank all those who donated money to help us get the word out.

Contribute to the Greens for MWRD campaign

by Jack Ailey

We have sincere, intelligent, and dedicated Green Party candidates for the MWRD for the election in November. Many, many voters in Cook County have voted for our candidates in past elections. Many, many more would vote for us if we could get the word out more widely.

This takes money. We need money for flyers, for advertisements, for yard signs, and all the other communication methods of a campaign.

Send your checks to the Cook County Green Party, PO Box 891140, Chicago, IL 60608, and write MWRD campaign in the memo line.

You can also send money through Paypal. Click on the link below.




Our petitions have not been challenged in our quest for getting on the ballot for Commissioner for MWRD. What is next?  Most citizens of Crook County are tired of the so called machine. We have an opportunity to expand The Green Party in Cook County.

Thank you to all who helped the Greens for MWRD campaign and to all who voted Green for the MWRD

The Green Party MWRD candidates did better than ever before in yesterday’s election. We received 12.5% of the total vote.

Thank you to all who voted for our candidates to all who contributed their time, their talents, and their money to our campaign.

Here are the raw vote totals for each candidate:
Dave Ehrlich            195.785
Karen Roothaan      184,871
Nasrin Khalili           114,006

We had radio ads on WCPT. We printed several thousand flyers, some with just the MWRD candidates, and some joint with Jill Stein. We did some yard signs. And we had a basic website.

Dave Ehrlich also mounted a vigorous campaign, also on a shoestring, including a very nice website <>, a nice flyer, and lots of personal appearances.

This contest is consistently the highest vote getter for the Greens for any large district in Illinois. I am hoping that we can mount a much better organized and funded campaign in 2014. We could make a big improvement in those numbers.

Jack Ailey, treasurer, Committee to Elect Greens to the MWRD

Dave Ehrlich Endorsed by the Daily Herald

Dave has been endorsed by the Daily Herald, the 3rd largest newspaper in Illinois.

The editorial states, “Dave Ehrlich stand[s] out. Ehrlich has worked for the watchdog U.S. Government Accounting Office and teaches in the Environmental Management & Sustainability program at Illinois Institute of Technology…endorsed.”

Water is our most precious resource. And the great lakes are the world’s largest freshwater resource. Low taxes, world-class green water infrastructure, transparent contracting, pollution control, flood control, and health standards all attract people and jobs to the region in a competitive global economy. To protect our water, we must change from GRAY to GREEN infrastructure. It’s not new. It’s not radical. Other cities have done it. But our MWRD Board votes for nearly 100% GRAY infrastructure.

Also note that the Chicago Tribune gave an honorable mention to Dave, saying, “[a] promising Green Party candidate, Dave Ehrlich, finishing a close fourth in our evaluations.”